EP 97 Donovan Chee
B2B Marketing

97. How to Tell Better Stories in B2B Marketing | Donovan Chee

Donovan Chee (Head of Marketing and Communications Southeast Asia, Bureau Veritas) elaborates on the importance of creativity in storytelling, why B2B companies should deviate from focusing solely on products and services, and why having first-party data is crucial. He also provides great examples of what good storytelling in B2B looks like.

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B2B Marketers EP60 - Wally Thiessen
Customer Success

60. How B2B Organizations Can Improve Their Customer Success Approach | Wally Thiessen

Wally Thiessen (Customer Success Leader and Member of the Board, Toronto CXPA) on the importance of CS within organizations, how data can be leveraged to optimize CS, and what the components of a successful CS approach are. Wally also talks about how sales and customer success alignment creates much-needed synergy, and how organizations should address the challenges that they are currently facing with CS.

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B2B Marketers on a Mission EP59 - Jeff Coyle
Content Marketing

59. How AI Can Be Used to Optimize B2B Content Marketing | Jeff Coyle

Jeff Coyle (Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, MarketMuse) on how artificial intelligence (AI) can be leveraged to break silos and be a “great unifier” within large B2B organizations, especially when it comes to content and communication. Jeff also talks about how an AI-powered approach can be used to understand the behavior of the target audience, create predictability in marketing, and deliver better results for B2B organizations.

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EP55 - Sam Moss
B2B Website

55. How You Can Improve Your B2B Websites | Sam Moss

Sam Moss (Co-Founder, 1ClickAgency) on what makes a great and effective B2B website, and what marketers can do to improve conversions, and what some of the most recent design trends are. Sam also talks about the importance of keeping it simple while standing out and why it’s imperative to understand your target audience before you develop content and invest in SEO.

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Social selling

54. How B2B Companies Can Use Social Selling to Build Relationships and Growth | Connor Dube

Connor Dube (Director of Sales and Marketing, Active Blogs) on what social selling is or isn’t, and how marketers and salespeople can leverage this approach to build more meaningful relationships with potential customers online. Connor also elaborates on some common mistakes, shares his tips on how to engage customers and prospects through social media, and discusses how to utilize social selling to build thought leadership.

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