Performance media

51. How B2B Companies Can Use Performance Media More Effectively | Mike Grinberg

Mike Grinberg (Founder/CEO, Proofpoint Marketing) on the importance of having the right strategy and understanding who your best customers are and why you should target them. Mike also elaborates on the most common mistakes and misconceptions, and why it’s critical to focus on content consumption as well as developing the right message and value proposition for your campaign.

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EP9-Boon Lai

9. Exceptional Leadership in Marketing | Boon Lai

Boon Lai (Vice President of Global Marketing, Cisco) talks about recent B2B marketing trends and his future predictions, and how organizations need to rapidly adapt to changes while avoiding tech-clash. In addition, we also have a candid discussion with Boon regarding the importance of diversity and inclusion within organizations, and how stereotypes and prejudice have motivated him to succeed and become a truly remarkable marketing leader.

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EP8-Steve Watt
b2b branding

8. The Pivotal Role of Branding in B2B | Steve Watt

Steve Watt (Vice President of Marketing, Grapevine6) on how branding helps B2B companies to build trust in an already crowded marketplace, why it’s important for organizations to empower their people, how brands can leverage the power of social media, and why sometimes measuring results isn’t enough to build a truly remarkable brand.

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EP7-Michael Meier
b2b marketing

7. How the Pandemic has Disrupted B2B Marketing | Michael Meier

B2B marketing veteran Michael Meier (Managing Director, Schindler Parent) talks about the importance of paranoia in order to stay competitive, how the current disruption motivates him, and how B2B marketers must be agile, embrace change, make every step they take measureable, and inject creativity into their work in order to reboot for growth post-pandemic.

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EP6-Derek Bildfell
customer experience

6. Better Customer Experience During & After COVID | Derek Bildfell

Derek Bildfell (Owner & Principal Consultant, Acceleration Strategy Inc.; Professor of CX Design, Centennial College) elaborates on how CX can help to improve an organization’s performance, how CX will become vital to rebuilding after the pandemic, and why continuous learning is crucial for CX professionals and practitioners to play a pivotal role in what lies ahead.

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EP4-Peter Bomer-Bessie Lee

4. Resilience & Entrepreneurship | Peter Bomer & Bessie Lee

China veterans Peter Bomer (Founder, The China Hack) and Bessie Lee (Founder & CEO, Withinlink) reveal their motivations for starting their own successful businesses in such a challenging market, what trends they have seen coming out of the current crisis, and also provide some remarkable insights for how B2B marketers and entrepreneurs can thrive in times of uncertainty.

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