Episode 130: Interview with Casey Hill How to Build Owned Assets that Perform
B2B Marketing

130. How to Build Owned Assets that Perform | Casey Hill

Casey Hill (Senior Growth Manager, ActiveCampaign) highlights the importance of setting the right goals and performance indicators, and how to think about attribution thoughtfully. He also highlights the pitfalls to avoid, the importance of segmentation and personalization, and some recent trends that B2B marketers should be aware of.

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B2B Marketers on a Mission EP 128 Anthony Leung Key Visual
B2B Branding

128. How to Get Engagement on Your LinkedIn Content | Anthony Leung

Anthony Leung (Founder, Mean Write Hook) on how marketers can better leverage the LinkedIn platform. Anthony talks about why a lot of content falls flat (and what can be done about it), what pitfalls to avoid, and why you should conduct research before writing anything. Anthony also talks about whether companies should or shouldn’t be leveraging B2B influencers.

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B2B Marketers on A Mission EP 126 Cristina Daroca Podcast Artwork

126. How to Optimize the Customer Experience for ABM | Cristina Daroca

Cristina Daroca (Head of Americas Marketing, Riverbed Technology) on how to optimize the experience for customers and prospects for ABM. Cristina talked about why ABM is not going anywhere anytime soon, the importance of conducting customer research, and what pitfalls to avoid. She also provides actionable tips that B2B marketers can take and what key metrics they should focus on in ABM.

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B2B Marketers on a Mission Podcast EP 119 Brandon Lee
Social selling

119. How to Do Social Selling The Right Way | Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee (Founder, Fist Bump) talks about what social selling IS and ISN’T, and how it can be used to fill that trust gap between companies and sales. Brandon also highlights the pitfalls to avoid, and why commenting as well as engaging is just as important as posting content on platforms like LinkedIn.

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Ep. 113: Interview with Jasmine Martirossian key visual
Marketing team

113. How to Build a World-Class Marketing Team & Culture in a Competitive B2B Industry | Jasmine Martirossian

Jasmine Martirossian (Chief Marketing Officer and Chief People Officer, Mercury) talks about the biggest challenges that B2B marketers face. She elaborates on the mistakes that B2B marketers should avoid and how to get buy-in from other business units for marketing initiatives. Jasmine also talks about how marketing can be the “voice of the customer” in the organization, and more.

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B2B Marketers on a Mission EP 109 Ren Agarwal key visual
Artificial Intelligence

109. How to Leverage AI and Machine Learning for Better Content Marketing | Ren Agarwal

Ren Agarwal (CEO, StoryAZ Studio) helps to debunk some myths around AI and content marketing. Ren talks about the importance of leading with strategy and research, and how content marketers can leverage AI and machine learning to improve their work. Ren also highlights the mistakes to avoid, the limitations of AI, and elaborates on some future trends.

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B2B Marketers on a Mission - EP 108 Ali Schwanke Key visual
B2B Marketing

108. How to Grow Any B2B Content Platform from Scratch | Ali Schwanke

Ali Schwanke (CEO & Founder, Simple Strat) discusses the importance of growing B2B platforms to organizations and what mistakes marketers need to avoid. She also elaborates on the different components required to effectively grow your B2B content platforms, what metrics to pay attention to, and what actions marketers can take immediately to improve how they scale their content platforms.

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B2B Marketers on a Mission EP106 - Wendy Pease key visual
B2B Marketing

106. How To Successfully Address the Challenges of Global Multilingual Marketing | Wendy Pease

Language expert Wendy Pease (President, Rapport International) on how businesses can become culturally relevant with the wonders of high-quality translation, localization, and interpretation. Wendy talks about how successful global marketing should start with the right corporate strategy and why it’s also important to understand the language and culture of the market that companies are entering.

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Key Visuals for EP105
B2B Marketing

105. How B2B Marketers Can Improve Their Revenue-Generating Activities | Tom Hunt

Tom Hunt (Founder and Head of Account Management, Fame) about what marketers need to do to stay at the top of their game. Tom elaborates on how using a niche-focused podcast adds incredible value to a B2B target audience, what mistakes to avoid, the trends and shifts that are impacting B2B marketing, and what marketers can do right now to improve their revenue-generating activities.

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Key Visuals for EP104
B2B Branding

104. How to Scale Efficiently by Leveraging Automated Webinars | Melissa Kwan

Webinar expert Melissa Kwan (Co-founder and CEO of eWebinar) on how B2B marketers can effectively scale their demos as well as their onboarding and training with a personal touch by automating webinars. Melissa gives insights on how the role of marketers is changing in the ever-dynamic digital marketing sphere and how the adapt effectively to best suit their customers’ needs as well as facilitating a more efficient business system.

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EP 97 Donovan Chee
B2B Marketing

97. How to Tell Better Stories in B2B Marketing | Donovan Chee

Donovan Chee (Head of Marketing and Communications Southeast Asia, Bureau Veritas) elaborates on the importance of creativity in storytelling, why B2B companies should deviate from focusing solely on products and services, and why having first-party data is crucial. He also provides great examples of what good storytelling in B2B looks like.

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B2B Marketers EP60 - Wally Thiessen
Customer Success

60. How B2B Organizations Can Improve Their Customer Success Approach | Wally Thiessen

Wally Thiessen (Customer Success Leader and Member of the Board, Toronto CXPA) on the importance of CS within organizations, how data can be leveraged to optimize CS, and what the components of a successful CS approach are. Wally also talks about how sales and customer success alignment creates much-needed synergy, and how organizations should address the challenges that they are currently facing with CS.

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B2B Marketers on a Mission EP59 - Jeff Coyle
Content Marketing

59. How AI Can Be Used to Optimize B2B Content Marketing | Jeff Coyle

Jeff Coyle (Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, MarketMuse) on how artificial intelligence (AI) can be leveraged to break silos and be a “great unifier” within large B2B organizations, especially when it comes to content and communication. Jeff also talks about how an AI-powered approach can be used to understand the behavior of the target audience, create predictability in marketing, and deliver better results for B2B organizations.

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EP55 - Sam Moss
B2B Website

55. How You Can Improve Your B2B Websites | Sam Moss

Sam Moss (Co-Founder, 1ClickAgency) on what makes a great and effective B2B website, and what marketers can do to improve conversions, and what some of the most recent design trends are. Sam also talks about the importance of keeping it simple while standing out and why it’s imperative to understand your target audience before you develop content and invest in SEO.

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Social selling

54. How B2B Companies Can Use Social Selling to Build Relationships and Growth | Connor Dube

Connor Dube (Director of Sales and Marketing, Active Blogs) on what social selling is or isn’t, and how marketers and salespeople can leverage this approach to build more meaningful relationships with potential customers online. Connor also elaborates on some common mistakes, shares his tips on how to engage customers and prospects through social media, and discusses how to utilize social selling to build thought leadership.

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Performance Media

51. How B2B Companies Can Use Performance Media More Effectively | Mike Grinberg

Mike Grinberg (Founder/CEO, Proofpoint Marketing) on the importance of having the right strategy and understanding who your best customers are and why you should target them. Mike also elaborates on the most common mistakes and misconceptions, and why it’s critical to focus on content consumption as well as developing the right message and value proposition for your campaign.

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EP9-Boon Lai

9. Exceptional Leadership in Marketing | Boon Lai

Boon Lai (Vice President of Global Marketing, Cisco) talks about recent B2B marketing trends and his future predictions, and how organizations need to rapidly adapt to changes while avoiding tech-clash. In addition, we also have a candid discussion with Boon regarding the importance of diversity and inclusion within organizations, and how stereotypes and prejudice have motivated him to succeed and become a truly remarkable marketing leader.

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EP8-Steve Watt
B2B Branding

8. The Pivotal Role of Branding in B2B | Steve Watt

Steve Watt (Vice President of Marketing, Grapevine6) on how branding helps B2B companies to build trust in an already crowded marketplace, why it’s important for organizations to empower their people, how brands can leverage the power of social media, and why sometimes measuring results isn’t enough to build a truly remarkable brand.

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EP7-Michael Meier
B2B Marketing

7. How the Pandemic has Disrupted B2B Marketing | Michael Meier

B2B marketing veteran Michael Meier (Managing Director, Schindler Parent) talks about the importance of paranoia in order to stay competitive, how the current disruption motivates him, and how B2B marketers must be agile, embrace change, make every step they take measureable, and inject creativity into their work in order to reboot for growth post-pandemic.

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EP6-Derek Bildfell
Customer Experience

6. Better Customer Experience During & After COVID | Derek Bildfell

Derek Bildfell (Owner & Principal Consultant, Acceleration Strategy Inc.; Professor of CX Design, Centennial College) elaborates on how CX can help to improve an organization’s performance, how CX will become vital to rebuilding after the pandemic, and why continuous learning is crucial for CX professionals and practitioners to play a pivotal role in what lies ahead.

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EP4-Peter Bomer-Bessie Lee

4. Resilience & Entrepreneurship | Peter Bomer & Bessie Lee

China veterans Peter Bomer (Founder, The China Hack) and Bessie Lee (Founder & CEO, Withinlink) reveal their motivations for starting their own successful businesses in such a challenging market, what trends they have seen coming out of the current crisis, and also provide some remarkable insights for how B2B marketers and entrepreneurs can thrive in times of uncertainty.

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EP3-Mark Treleaven

3. Digitalization as a Key Priority | Mark Treleaven

Mark Treleaven (Executive Lead at Brand Sandwich Communications) shares incredible insights about the rapid advancement of digitalization, how teams can transition to working remotely in a more efficient way, and other topics linked to transformative innovation as well as disruptive technologies.

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EP1-Alan Kay
Solution Focused

1. A Solution-Focused Perspective | Alan Kay

Alan Kay (Principal, Glasgow Group) talks about how organizations can facilitate change and have more purposeful conversations by using a solution focus approach. In this interview, Alan also shares practical steps that B2B marketers and entrepreneurs can take to identify opportunities where others only see problems.

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