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Interview on “The Content Callout”

Interview on “The Content Callout”

Market research helps you move beyond assumptions and create a marketing strategy that will be effective. Our Co-Founder and Director of Client Engagement Christian Klepp shares how to do just that in this episode of “The Content Callout” podcast.

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Artificial Intelligence

The Productivity Impact of AI on B2B Industries

The B2B world is experiencing an era of rapid transformation brought about by global supply chain challenges, digitization, staff shortages, technological advancements, and other market dynamics. Our Co-Founder and Director of Client Engagement Christian Klepp recently wrote an article where he elaborates on the productivity impact of AI on B2B industries.

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Jason Goodman from
Customer Experience

Creating a CX Movement

Customer Experience is no longer the sole task of one department, but rather the responsibility of the company as a whole. It is important for people to realize that everyone has a role to play in not only creating a better experience for the customer but also getting that customer to continue working with you.

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