Interview on “The Content Callout”

The Productivity Impact of AI on B2B Industries
Interview on “The Content Callout”

Market research in the B2B space is often overlooked or, at best, done poorly. But speaking to your customer is the best way to direct every step of marketing and sales. Market research helps you move beyond assumptions and create a marketing strategy that will be effective. 


Our Co-Founder and Director of Client Engagement Christian Klepp was recently invited on the Content Callout Podcast (hosted by Mark Raffan) to discuss his views on the importance of B2B market research.
Here are some highlights from that conversation:
[0:58] Christian’s 3 rapid-fire marketing tips
[1:32] Why you should niche down—and how
[5:41] The importance of B2B market research
[9:24] Go-to questions for customer conversations
[12:22] Don’t neglect secondary research
[14:53] How to lead with authority and expert positioning
[23:39] Don’t be afraid to take a stand within your industry
[26:28] How to build a personal brand to make an impact
[32:50] Where to reach out to Christian to have a conversation

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