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108. How to Grow Any B2B Content Platform from Scratch | Ali Schwanke

Ali Schwanke (CEO & Founder, Simple Strat) discusses the importance of growing B2B platforms to organizations and what mistakes marketers need to avoid. She also elaborates on the different components required to effectively grow your B2B content platforms, what metrics to pay attention to, and what actions marketers can take immediately to improve how they scale their content platforms.

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107. How to Build Trust With Storytelling in B2B | Chris Rapozo

B2B content marketer Chris Rapozo (Marketing Specialist, Hannon Hill) talks about building trust with target audiences by telling better stories. He talks about why B2B companies need to focus less on their product or service features and more on how they are able to solve their customers’ challenges, and more.

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106. How To Successfully Address the Challenges of Global Multilingual Marketing | Wendy Pease

Language expert Wendy Pease (President, Rapport International) on how businesses can become culturally relevant with the wonders of high-quality translation, localization, and interpretation. Wendy talks about how successful global marketing should start with the right corporate strategy and why it’s also important to understand the language and culture of the market that companies are entering.

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105. How B2B Marketers Can Improve Their Revenue-Generating Activities | Tom Hunt

Tom Hunt (Founder and Head of Account Management, Fame) about what marketers need to do to stay at the top of their game. Tom elaborates on how using a niche-focused podcast adds incredible value to a B2B target audience, what mistakes to avoid, the trends and shifts that are impacting B2B marketing, and what marketers can do right now to improve their revenue-generating activities.

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104. How to Scale Efficiently by Leveraging Automated Webinars | Melissa Kwan

Webinar expert Melissa Kwan (Co-founder and CEO of eWebinar) on how B2B marketers can effectively scale their demos as well as their onboarding and training with a personal touch by automating webinars. Melissa gives insights on how the role of marketers is changing in the ever-dynamic digital marketing sphere and how the adapt effectively to best suit their customers’ needs as well as facilitating a more efficient business system.


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