B2B Marketers on a Mission EP 128 Anthony Leung Key Visual

128. How to Get Engagement on Your LinkedIn Content | Anthony Leung

Anthony Leung (Founder, Mean Write Hook) on how marketers can better leverage the LinkedIn platform. Anthony talks about why a lot of content falls flat (and what can be done about it), what pitfalls to avoid, and why you should conduct research before writing anything. Anthony also talks about whether companies should or shouldn’t be leveraging B2B influencers.

B2B Marketers on a Mission EP127 Linda Melone key visual

127. How to Help B2B Companies Find their Value Proposition | Linda Melone

Linda Melone (Conversion Copywriter & Strategist, The Copy Worx) on how companies need to have a strong value proposition. Linda explains the importance of having a value proposition and the pitfalls to avoid. She also explains what you should look out for when conducting customer interviews, how to leverage AI the right way, and provides actionable tips.

Key Visuals for EP104

104. How to Scale Efficiently by Leveraging Automated Webinars | Melissa Kwan

Webinar expert Melissa Kwan (Co-founder and CEO of eWebinar) on how B2B marketers can effectively scale their demos as well as their onboarding and training with a personal touch by automating webinars. Melissa gives insights on how the role of marketers is changing in the ever-dynamic digital marketing sphere and how the adapt effectively to best suit their customers’ needs as well as facilitating a more efficient business system.

Takeaways-Interview with Christian DeGobbi

Christian DeGobbi Interview Key Takeaways

Christian DeGobbi (Marketing Director, Spruce Technology, Inc.) on what it takes to develop an effective B2B brand, why branding is a MUST HAVE for B2B companies, the different parts of a brand strategy, and how to measure the effectiveness of your brand efforts.

EP8-Steve Watt

8. The Pivotal Role of Branding in B2B | Steve Watt

Steve Watt (Vice President of Marketing, Grapevine6) on how branding helps B2B companies to build trust in an already crowded marketplace, why it’s important for organizations to empower their people, how brands can leverage the power of social media, and why sometimes measuring results isn’t enough to build a truly remarkable brand.


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