B2B Marketers on a Mission Podcast EP 119 Brandon Lee

119. How to Do Social Selling The Right Way | Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee (Founder, Fist Bump) talks about what social selling IS and ISN’T, and how it can be used to fill that trust gap between companies and sales. Brandon also highlights the pitfalls to avoid, and why commenting as well as engaging is just as important as posting content on platforms like LinkedIn.

54. How B2B Companies Can Use Social Selling to Build Relationships and Growth | Connor Dube

Connor Dube (Director of Sales and Marketing, Active Blogs) on what social selling is or isn’t, and how marketers and salespeople can leverage this approach to build more meaningful relationships with potential customers online. Connor also elaborates on some common mistakes, shares his tips on how to engage customers and prospects through social media, and discusses how to utilize social selling to build thought leadership.


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