B2B Marketers on a Mission EP 132 Eric Melchor Key Visual

132. How B2B Companies Can Grow Through Podcasting | Eric Melchor

Eric Melchor (Founder, B2B PodPros) on how B2B companies can grow through podcasting. He discussed why this is an untapped opportunity for B2B brands and highlighted which pitfalls to avoid. He talked about the 3 ways to grow, the importance of having a good pitch, and which metrics to pay attention to.

Key Visuals for EP105

105. How B2B Marketers Can Improve Their Revenue-Generating Activities | Tom Hunt

Tom Hunt (Founder and Head of Account Management, Fame) about what marketers need to do to stay at the top of their game. Tom elaborates on how using a niche-focused podcast adds incredible value to a B2B target audience, what mistakes to avoid, the trends and shifts that are impacting B2B marketing, and what marketers can do right now to improve their revenue-generating activities.

Ep 58 Justin Brown

58. How B2B Tech Firms Can Optimize Their Podcasts | Justin Brown

Justin Brown (Co-Founder, Motion) talks to us about the importance of repurposing the podcast into premium audio, video, as well as written content. He also elaborates on why he believes this approach builds credibility and trust, the dangers of “pod fade”, and whether you should monetize your podcast.


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