Takeaways-Interview with Mark Stagi

Mark Stagi Interview Key Takeaways

Mark Stagi (VP of Customer Success, Avoma) about why proactive engagement should be the top priority for CS teams across the board. Mark also discusses the mistakes to avoid, and what steps they can take to be more proactive with accounts.

Takeaways-Interview with Firaas Rashid

Firaas Rashid Interview Key Takeaways

CS expert Firaas Rashid (Founder & CEO, Hook) on what he believes are other customer success metrics that truly matter, mistakes to avoid, the importance of getting input from customers who are engaged and disengaged, and how teams can improve on CS.

B2B Marketers EP60 - Wally Thiessen

60. How B2B Organizations Can Improve Their Customer Success Approach | Wally Thiessen

Wally Thiessen (Customer Success Leader and Member of the Board, Toronto CXPA) on the importance of CS within organizations, how data can be leveraged to optimize CS, and what the components of a successful CS approach are. Wally also talks about how sales and customer success alignment creates much-needed synergy, and how organizations should address the challenges that they are currently facing with CS.


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