EP6-Derek Bildfell

6. Better Customer Experience During & After COVID | Derek Bildfell

Derek Bildfell (Owner & Principal Consultant, Acceleration Strategy Inc.; Professor of CX Design, Centennial College) elaborates on how CX can help to improve an organization’s performance, how CX will become vital to rebuilding after the pandemic, and why continuous learning is crucial for CX professionals and practitioners to play a pivotal role in what lies ahead.

EP2-Lawrence Levinson

2. Delivering a Good Customer Experience | Lawrence Levinson

Customer Experience (CX) expert Lawrence Levinson, Toronto Chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), talks to us about the importance of CX, and when implemented the right way, how it can be instrumental to improving the overall performance of organizations.

Jason Goodman from unsplash.com

Creating a CX Movement

Customer Experience is no longer the sole task of one department, but rather the responsibility of the company as a whole. It is important for people to realize that everyone has a role to play in not only creating a better experience for the customer but also getting that customer to continue working with you.


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