B2B Marketers on a Mission Podcast EP 120 Julian Lumpkin Artwork

120. How to Shorten the Sales Cycle with Case Studies | Julian Lumpkin

Julian Lumpkin (Founder & CEO, SuccessKit) on how B2B companies can accelerate sales at different stages of the sales process with case studies and video testimonials. Julian talks about what he thinks is slowing sales down, and he also provides the audience with great tips on how to create better case studies,.

B2B Marketers on a Mission Podcast KV EP116 Interview with Joel Klettke

116. How to Create Case Studies That Sell for B2B | Joel Klettke

Joel Klettke (Founder, Case Study Buddy) talks about how to create case studies and video testimonials that sell in B2B. He explains why storytelling from the customer’s point of view is paramount and the importance of understanding customers as well as their buying journey. Joel also provides some actionable tips.


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