B2B Marketers on a Mission Podcast EP 121 Lloyed Lobo Podcast Artwork

121. How to Create and Run a Thriving Community | Lloyed Lobo

Serial B2B entrepreneur and community builder Lloyed Lobo (Co-Founder, Boast.ai) on what it takes to build a great community. Lloyd also highlights the pitfalls that marketers should avoid, how you can add value to members of your community, and how to keep members engaged so that they come back for more.

B2B Marketers on a Mission Podcast EP 120 Julian Lumpkin Artwork

120. How to Shorten the Sales Cycle with Case Studies | Julian Lumpkin

Julian Lumpkin (Founder & CEO, SuccessKit) on how B2B companies can accelerate sales at different stages of the sales process with case studies and video testimonials. Julian talks about what he thinks is slowing sales down, and he also provides the audience with great tips on how to create better case studies,.

B2B Marketers on a Mission Podcast EP 119 Brandon Lee

119. How to Do Social Selling The Right Way | Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee (Founder, Fist Bump) talks about what social selling IS and ISN’T, and how it can be used to fill that trust gap between companies and sales. Brandon also highlights the pitfalls to avoid, and why commenting as well as engaging is just as important as posting content on platforms like LinkedIn.

B2B Marketers on a Mission Podcast KV EP116 Interview with Joel Klettke

116. How to Create Case Studies That Sell for B2B | Joel Klettke

Joel Klettke (Founder, Case Study Buddy) talks about how to create case studies and video testimonials that sell in B2B. He explains why storytelling from the customer’s point of view is paramount and the importance of understanding customers as well as their buying journey. Joel also provides some actionable tips.

Key visual for B2B Marketers on a Mission Podcast EP 115 How to Stand Out in a Specialized B2B Industry

115. How to Stand Out in a Specialized B2B Industry | Jason Westgeest

Jason Westgeest (Marketing and Innovation Manager, Guardian Chemicals) on what it takes to stand out in a specialized B2B industry. During our conversation, he talks about why many companies use a risk-averse approach in their marketing, what mistakes to avoid, and how to get buy-in from senior management.

Ep. 113: Interview with Jasmine Martirossian key visual

113. How to Build a World-Class Marketing Team & Culture in a Competitive B2B Industry | Jasmine Martirossian

Jasmine Martirossian (Chief Marketing Officer and Chief People Officer, Mercury) talks about the biggest challenges that B2B marketers face. She elaborates on the mistakes that B2B marketers should avoid and how to get buy-in from other business units for marketing initiatives. Jasmine also talks about how marketing can be the “voice of the customer” in the organization, and more.


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