Steffen Hedebrandt Interview Key Takeaways

Steffen Hedebrandt (Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Dreamdata) elaborates on the importance of understanding and mapping the customer journey, what mistakes to avoid, the importance of having the right strategy and research, and what metrics B2B marketers should focus on.

Takeaways-Interview with Jonathan Kazarian

Jonathan Kazarian Interview Key Takeaways

Jonathan Kazarian (Founder & CEO, Accelevents) talks about how B2B marketers can fix the event attribution gap, the importance of using personalization in your event follow-up, why first-party data is so crucial, as well as which key metrics and major trends to focus on.

Takeaways-Interview with Kathryn Strachen

Kathryn Strachen Interview Key Takeaways

Kathryn Strachen (Founder, Copy House) on developing content that builds relationships and converts prospects. She talks about how B2B content has changed, why creating customer avatars and conducting research is important, what metrics to focus on, and why you need both quantity and quality to succeed.

Takeaways-Interview with Christian DeGobbi

Christian DeGobbi Interview Key Takeaways

Christian DeGobbi (Marketing Director, Spruce Technology, Inc.) on what it takes to develop an effective B2B brand, why branding is a MUST HAVE for B2B companies, the different parts of a brand strategy, and how to measure the effectiveness of your brand efforts.


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