Fresh Perspective on Building a B2B Brand

Fresh Perspective on Building a B2B Brand

Now more than ever, branding is finally getting the “airtime” it deserves in the world of B2B.
Organizations that choose to avoid investing in and building a brand will do so at their own risk.
Imagine you’re building a house, but you don’t have an architect’s blueprint and you skip building the foundation.
A few questions come to mind:
1. What would that house look like if you don’t have a blueprint?
2. How much longer would it take to finish the house if there are no guidelines?
3. How long do you think that house will last if you skip the foundation?
Branding provides that strategic blueprint and framework that will enable B2B companies to:
1. Position themselves strategically against the competition 
2. Increase their visibility as industry experts, leading to greater trust and credibility 
3. Form a framework that guides and aligns every aspect of the business, from marketing to sales, onboarding, etc.
4. Stand out amidst the sea of sameness and influence B2B buying groups to choose them
5. Find and recruit the right people
6. More sustainable business growth and greater brand advocacy
Our Co-Founder and Director of Client Engagement Christian Klepp discussed this topic with Christian DeGobbi in this webinar that was aptly named “Fresh Perspectives on Building a B2B Brand”.
Thanks to Stacey Danheiser and Alex Kazmierski from the Soar Marketing Society for organizing the event.
We discussed the following during the webinar:
1. The importance of branding in B2B
2. Checking the health of your brand
3. Building a case internally for brand building
4. The B2B brand-building process
5. Measuring the results

Link to the webinar replay


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