Interview on Motion – How to Measure Success of Your Podcast

Interview on Motion - How to Measure Success of Your Podcast

When you are considering a podcast as part of your marketing strategy, choosing a niche and determining your target audience are just the beginning of the process. A podcast is also much more than just chatting with your guests each and every week.

As host of the “Recorded Content” podcast Justin Brown said, ”It takes a village to put these things together.”

But how do you measure the success of your company’s podcast? How do you know it’s working for your company and your audience?

Many companies struggle to determine how to measure the success of their podcast. Download numbers are a metric to consider, but the overall impact of your show goes way beyond the number of subscribers.

In this episode, Christian Klepp, the Co-Founder of EINBLICK joins Justin Brown to talk about how EINBLICK measures the success of their own podcast. The two also get into details around the skills, tools, and processes required for creating, hosting, producing, distributing, and repurposing podcast episodes.


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